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Enhanced Performance for Recreational and Elite Athletes

Achieve peak performance through sports nutrition guidance

At Nutrisport, we’ve worked with athletes at all levels, from weekend tennis players and high school wrestlers, to elite professionals and Olympic stars. Services include a full range of assessments and nutrition planning for training and competition.
  • Body-composition analysis
  • Resting metabolic rate measurements
  • Sports performance menu planning
  • Pre/post event menus
  • Team presentations and assessments
  • Individual counseling (online or in person)

Many athletes, from The Atlanta Braves and the US Tennis Association to college teams throughout the country, have benefited from the expertise of Nutrisport—as can you. A Nutrisport Program consultant also can serve as a Nutrition Trainer™ for your health club program!

Past and current clients include:
- The Atlanta Braves
- The Atlanta Track Club
- Gatorade
- Leukemia Team in Training
- CRUNCH Fitness Centers
- United States Figure Skating
- United States Synchronized Swimming
- United States Tennis Association
- US Army Wrestling
- WTA Women’s Professional Tennis Tour
- Olympic consulting: 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004

 SECA and MedGem


Nutrifit has newly acquired the latest in body composition and hydration testing technology:

We are offering individualized sessions and special rates for the SECA Body Composition Analyzer. SECA uses the gold standard Four Compartment Model to evaluate fat mass and hydration status to assess hydration status and body composition in athletes. This is vital because it uses a validated measure of body water. Height and weight are insufficient to measure a patient’s nutritional status and body composition. Changing how we measure success and basing progress on monitoring and tracking vital body composition parameters vs. traditional scale weight.

We also offer metabolic rate measurement using the MedGem resting metabolic rate measuring device. An indirect calorimeter will tell you your individualized resting caloric need for a 24-hour time period. The dietitian will then calculate your accurate total caloric need by then additionally calculating in your typical daily activity and exercise calories, and explain your needed caloric level to meet your weight goals.
Ask us about combining these assessments with a session for a discount!

Download our flyer about SECA.        Download our flyer about MedGem.


Latest News  

Download this handy article by Page Love, for ALTA Net News, about nutrition that helps you stay healthy in cold and flu season: How to Strengthen Your Gut to Get through Cold and Flu Season

Page Love is a featured speaker at the Life Time Tennis Regional HP Seminar in Atlanta, December 15-17. Download the brochure here!


Page Love and Chandler Knox (former sports nutrition intern at Nutrifit) coauthored this article about nutrition and weight management for high school wrestlers, appearing in the Sport Journal.

Page Love presented at the 2016 Tennis Congress in Tucson, AZ.

Download this handy carbohydrates facts article, from WTA's Physically Speaking, authored by Page Love.

Read this article posted on about "When to feed your athlete carbs, protein and fats" with advice provided by Page Love.

Shown in the photo is Page Love, who conducted consultations in Washington DC in August 2015 for ATP.

In October 2015, Page Love is serving as onsite dietitian for the China Open in Beijing, China. 

 Page enjoying the tennis nutrition world in Beijing, China.
Page Love served as the onsite dietitian in New York City for the US Open (Aug. 31 - Sept. 13, 2015).  

As posted in ATP Player's Weekly,"Page Love, a registered dietician specializing in sports nutritionwill once again be on-site in Washington, DC, to speak to players aboutnutrition and hydration. She will be available on Saturday August 1,Sunday August 2, and Monday August 3."

Read this helpful article by Page Love about pre- and post-fueling for runners in Atlanta Track Club's publication Wingfoot - see page 21.

Click here to download a handy guide about travel nutrition
, authored by Page Love for WTA Physically Speaking.

Nutrifit dietitian Nancy Anderson now serves consultant to the Atlanta Junior Rowing Club. In conjunction, Nutrifit has developed some nutrition handouts specific to the sport! Contact us for more information.

Nutrifit dietitian Carolyn Ballard participated as a nutritional consultant at a joint YMCA/NFL event on September 21 to help former NationalFootball League players transition—especially with nutrition, eating, andactivity—to life after football. The national Y kicked off this series with theevent in Atlanta. It included a healthy tailgating party to watch the Sunday footballgame, sign ups for Y membership, and wellness coaching.


Shown above left, Nutrifit demonstrated the portion difference between the 5,000-7,000 caloriesa day that active players consume to the normal diet once they stop. Above right, Nutrifit partner Good MeasureMeals provided a cooking demo.

Photo credit: Kat Goduco Photography,


Read the article about "Serving up energy: the seven best foods for pro tennis players" in Sports Illustrated, featuring advice from Page Love!

Learn about "Which Foods Should You Eat Before Playing Tennis?" in this interview with Page Love for

Page Love serves as faculty for the STMS & iTPA Tennis Medicine and Performance Conference, July 19 & 20, 2014 in Atlanta. Click here to find out more.

Read this new article about eating and drinking like the pros from Page Love, featured in Net News.

Watch Page Love's interview on CNN about "Eating Like a World-Class Athlete."

See the videos on the Leukemia Team in Training YouTube channel, with Page Love talking about everything from weight loss and gluten-free diets to pre- and post-run nutrition!

This summer, Page Love served as the onsite nutrition and hydration expert for the Atlanta Tennis Championships.

The ALTA Net News magazine Nov.-Dec. 2010 issue features an article about "Nutrition Tips for Quicker Recovery" by Page Love.

Read the latest interview with Page Love about on-the-go lunches of the pros. Page served as onsite WTA dietitian at both Birmingham, England (pre-Wimbledon series), and Cincinnati (pre-US Open series) this summer.

Page Love co-authored an article in the June issue of Journal of Medicine and Science in Tennis on "Managing Athletes with Eating Issues: the WTA Tour Approach.” Scroll to page 6.

Read about "The Battle of the Beverages" in this article featuring Page Love in TENNIS magazine.

Read Page Love's article KEY CONSIDERATIONS FOR A PERFORMANCE TRAINING DIET FOR SINGLES TENNIS PLAYERS in the Wilson Coaches for Life newsletter (starts on page 2)!

Read nutrition advice for tennis players in this article featuring Page Love (see "Nutritionist" section) from TENNIS magazine.

Page is a contributing expert to the site, a helpful site that athletes, parents, and coaches can join.

Sport-specific handouts available!

Now available are sets for the following sports:


Other sports are also being developed -- let us know what your needs are!

 A general sports set (not specific to one sport) also is available. 


Attention, colleges and universities! Page Love is listed with the NCAA Health and Safety Speakers Grant Program. If you wish to invite Page Love to speak to your student body or sport teams, click here for the NCAA grant application. Deadlines are Jan. 15 for the spring semester and Sept. 1 for the fall semester.

Page Love is now consulting with the CRC Health Group program called Austin Sendero, one of the first treatment programs in the nation to offer a specialized track for disordered eating athletes and compulsive exercisers. Please visit the Resources page for a link to find out more about Austin Sendero. 

Click here to learn about Chris Giordanelli, a professional triathlete working with Nutrisport.

Page served as the Sport Nutrition Consultant for Auburn Athletics from 2006 to 2009 and still consults in the Auburn community with the Clinical Psychologist, PC practice.

"Our professional players ranked the nutrition sessions you gave very highly… the players you worked with are now better equipped to take control of the nutrition aspects of their game."

- Eliot Teltscher, USA Tennis High Performance

In the News

Page was quoted about “Banana Bashing” beside Rafael Nadel in Tennis Magazine.

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Information from Page is now highlighted in the “Wilson Coaches for Life” newsletter. Click here to see the latest.

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